Medium Beech - Mixer/Scoop


Medium Handled - Beech wood  Mixer/Scoop 

This useful scoop mixer Is made from locally sourced Beech, has been cut to a rough blank shapeon a bandsaw, and then continously hand-carved until the overall shape exists. Utensil is then sanded by hand until the overall goal is reached. 


This scoop mixer has a total length of 12 1/4 inches long with a scooping head of 2 1/2inches x 3 inches. 


 Each Utensil is treated with a Satin Natural Tung Oil, It is recommened to "condition" your utensil even further with a type of Butcher Block oil,consisting of Mineral Oil, beeswax.

-Please Keep your utensils out of a conventional dish washer setting, gently handwash with soap and water after use.

Medium Beech - Mixer/Scoop

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